Quit playing games
with the heart of your IT

One solution to monitor all aspects of
large and
distributed data centers.



PRTG Enterprise Monitor provides you with a holistic overview of everything in and around your data centers

The included ITOps board provides a central overview of multiple data centers.



"Keep the heart of your IT beating –
Data Center Monitoring with PRTG

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Avoid downtime and monitor all aspects of large and distributed data centers 

Besides the IT infrastructure, the facilities also play an important role in data center management.
These are two more or less separate worlds that often pursue different approaches and are usually operated and maintained by several teams.


One solution for all data centers in your enterprise 

Holistic monitoring of IT networks, infrastructures, facilities, and security. 

Centralized dashboards, including ITOps Board 

Get the right data to the right teams with unified dashboards featuring data from across your entire enterprise. 

Data center security 

Stay informed about overheating or even cable fire, leaks in air conditioning systems as well as unauthorized intrusion. 

Monitor many data center facilities across multiple locations 

Bring in monitoring data from a large number of devices at multiple data centers or offices in different locations. 

One Solution for an holistic overview 


The essential guide to monitor your data center environment

PRTG Enterprise Monitor is made for the monitoring demands of large IT environments

Whether IT, building services or security systems: PRTG Enterprise Monitor can comprehensively monitor all components of large data centers:


Monitor all systems, devices, traffic,
and applications in large IT environments
with thousands of devices and
systems across multiple locations.


Everything is included –
gain a business-service-oriented view
of your data center and infrastructure


Minimize your project effort with a
powerful and easy-to-use solution
that keeps monitoring simple while ensuring performance, clarity,
 and usability. 

  • Includes ITOps Board Only available with PRTG Enterprise Monitor, which adds a service-oriented overview across multiple PRTG servers.
  • Scaling and flexibility  Increased scaling and architectural flexibility for large IT environments, allowing you to deploy 20,000 or more sensors. 
  • Flexible pricing & licensing per sensor/per year, opex-based cost model that scales with you. 
  • One overview for your network – Get an overview of your entire large IT infrastructure in just one tool. 
  • Support for audits provides a single source of information, which also saves you time and money. 
  • Best service The service for Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor includes the best possible support from network engineers in your region. 

The solution for large data centers: Key benefits and features 

Powerful and
easy-to-use solution

  • Enterprise IT tends to become complex. It needs experts and lots of time to manage every single tool.
  • PRTG Enterprise Monitor has been designed for ease of use.
  • It is a single solution without add-ons or modules and it offers the full set of functionalities with every license.
  • Simple to set up and run, it is also easily scalable. 

Monitoring your
IT environment
and beyond

  • PRTG Enterprise Monitor is vendor agnostic. It uses multiple methods to monitor everything in your IT.
  • From infrastructure to networks, from virtual environments to hardware, and from applications to storage.
  • Over 250 preconfigured sensors and many customizable possibilities make it easy and flexible at the same time!

Quick overview
of your entire IT

  • The larger an IT monitoring scenario becomes, the easier it gets to lose the big picture.
  • PRTG Enterprise Monitor has an eye on every single detail, port, disk, and CPU... but large enterprises not only want to know the component status but also the impact on services.
  • Therefore, we provide you with a service-oriented view.
  • With ITOps Board, you can be sure to maintain an overview. It organizes all your details in business services.

Fair licensing
and pricing model

  • Every minute of IT outage costs real money. PRTG Enterprise Monitor prevents downtimes and outages, reduces the MTTR, and delivers the data basis you need for long-term optimization of your IT.
  • With the subscription-based licensing of PRTG Enterprise Monitor, you move your costs from capex to opex. This gives you more flexibility and a better basis for your cost calculations.
  • No add-ons, no modules, and no hidden costs.

Data center monitoring expert at Paessler 

Our story lead for data center monitoring with PRTG at Paessler headquarters.

Felix Berndt

Business Development Manager
IIoT/Data Center EMEA


Telephone: +49 911 93775-535
Mobile: +49 175 8539545

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Monitoring that expands along with your infrastructure.

Get an overview of thousands of devices and systems across multiple locations with PRTG Enterprise Monitor.