Monitor Your Healthcare IT

Digital transformation in Healthcare is bringing more medical 
equipment into our networks. If this intricate network of devices and systems goes down, it could cause major delays in treatment.

A holistic monitoring solution, like PRTG Network Monitor, can help to prevent such treatment delays and give  IT teams, as well as doctors and patients, peace of mind. 



Prevention is better than cure

All medical devices require a classic IT infrastructure for communication. This infrastructure supports data transfer and provides the underlying hardware. 

A central system that monitors both classic IT and medical equipment reduces the time it takes to find problems on the network, should something go wrong.

But prevention is better than cure. And proactive monitoring means you get warnings when unusual network activity is detected, helping you to intervene and avoid downtime completely.


Why PRTG Network Monitor?

We understand the connection between classic IT and devices on the edge, like medical and mobile assets.

We use communication protocols, DICOM and HL7, to make centralized monitoring for the health sector even easier and more meaningful than ping monitoring.

We have partners in the healthcare sector who work with us to support the digitalization of the health sector.

We're trusted by 200,000 users around the world and are valued for our usability and competitive pricing.

Your Healthcare Environment is Monitored by PRTG


Take your medicine

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