Mind your blind spots

Get an overview of your entire
industrial infrastructure with
Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor.







The larger your industrial environment,
the more blind spots you have

That’s why it’s important to bring everything – IT, OT, and IIoT – into one overview.


One tool for monitoring the health of your IT, OT, and IIoT devices


Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor brings metrics of the health of your entire enterprise together into a single tool.


Reports and dashboards showing your infrastructure availability at a glance

Easily see the status of your devices, systems and SLAs across your infrastructure and locations

Helps ensure effective and efficient IT/OT operations

Prevent issues from occurring, get alerted as soon as problems happen, and analyze the status of your infrastructure over periods of time.


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Rising to the challenges facing
industrial enterprises

IT and OT convergence. Separate teams focused on separate areas. Multiple vendors and protocols. Devices and infrastructure across multiple locations. These are just some of the challenges facing industrial enterprises. The biggest challenge? Getting a single overview of everything. Here’s how Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor helps you face these challenges:


Monitor devices and infrastructure across IT, OT, and IIoT

PRTG Enterprise Monitor understands protocols and standards from all parts of your enterprise.

Centralized dashboards, including ITOps Board

Get the right data to the right teams with unified dashboards featuring data from across your entire enterprise.

Scale up your monitoring along with your infrastructure

Increased scaling and architectural flexibility for large IT environments.

Monitor many
devices across multiple locations

Bring in monitoring data from a large number of devices at multiple plants or offices in different locations

Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor
in an industrial environment

Bring in data from elements from all areas so you can monitor the health, status and condition of machines,
control systems, devices, and more across IT, OT and the IIoT:

  • Provides out-of-the-box support for common industrial and IIoT standards and protocols – OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus and more
  • Combines IT, OT and IIoT in comprehensive, insightful dashboards
  • Monitors industrial infrastructure like gateways, Ethernet devices, and industrial enclosures
  • Extends the functionality of common industry solutions to provide expanded functionality
  • Contributes to industrial cyber security through integration with widely-adopted security software
  • Sends alerts and notifications when values exceed predefined thresholds

Sensors for monitoring your
industrial environment

  • MQTT Roundtrip Sensor: Monitor the health of your MQTT implementation by measuring the message round trip time (RTT), round trip status, publisher connection time, and subscriber connection time
  • MQTT Statistics Sensor: Monitor statistics for MQTT topics, such as number of incoming messages and the received payload
  • MQTT Subscribe Custom SensorSubscribe to an MQTT topic and monitor up to ten values
  • Modbus TCP Custom Sensor: Monitor your Modbus TCP server and keep an eye on peripheral devices like cooling units, power supplies, temperature, and more
  • Modbus RTU Custom Sensor: Connect to a Modbus RTU server to monitor serially-connected devices
  • Rittal CMC III Hardware StatusMonitor the hardware status and performance of a Rittal CMC III processing unit and all attached external Rittal sensors - to make sure that the monitoring infrastructure inside the enclosure is actually functional.
  • OPC UA Server Status SensorEnsure that your OPC UA server is up and running by tracking the operation status, uptime, and diagnostic information.
  • OPC UA Custom SensorMonitor up to ten values from an OPC UA server, including metrics like PLC state, device failure, battery status, error codes, and more.
  • OPC UA Certificate SensorMonitor the OPC UA certificates in your environment and prevent certificate expiry from impacting production.
  • OPC UA Notifications: Enables you to forward PRTG alerts by writing them to a predefined OPC UA tag on an OPC UA server like SCADA, DCS, or any other system that provides OPC UA server capability.
  • Beckhoff IPC System Health SensorMonitor the health status of Beckhoff industrial PCs by watching the CPU load and temperature, available memory, mainboard temperature and RAID controller status.

Industrial IT monitoring experts at Paessler

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