Monitoring a Carrera Slot Car Track with PRTG


Why we did it

"Why would someone build a 600-yard slot car track in their office?" you ask. We'll do you one better: Why not?!

That's pretty much what got us started.  Plus, we wanted to see which aspects of this ginormous project we could monitor using PRTG Network Monitor. This video documents the process of planning and building our huge track as well as our experience doing just that.  

How we got there

Now that we've established that we didn't really need a sound reason to build our mad track, we went on to discuss all technical details and possibilities. 

In this video, we tell you all about the tech we used, where we actually put it and what it took us to integrate everything with PRTG. And, of course, a 33-foot LED tunnel. Because again, why not?

Show me the money!

Yes, we know, you haven't really seen the whole 600 yards of track in its entire glory... Which is why you should really watch this video! 

It features a full ride around the track with lots of loops, twists, turns, some people, and a detailed tour of our colleagues' messy desks. Not that we had anything to do with the latter... Enjoy!

We monitored a massive Carrera track...

...but what will you monitor?
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