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See new features before anyone else and give your
opinions and feedback to development

No marketing, no sales - just pure technical insights and room for your feedback.


Why we do what we do.


All the highlights - one topic at a time


Browse our different sessions and choose what's interesting to you


Presented by the people who craft Paessler PRTG

No sales or marketing people in sight; just a focus on technical presentation and discussion

Bring your opinions to the table 

There will be time for topic-related questions! Ask live or write your questions in the chat and we will answer them afterwards


Learn what's new for PRTG and how you can benefit with
Paessler PRTG Development Insights for Users webinars:

"PRTG Development – Insights directly from the people behind it"


PRTG Multi-Platform Probe

Thursday, 4th May 2023 (New Date)

English // CET 10:00 - 10:30 am


PRTG Multi-Platform Probe

Thursday, 4th May 2023 (New Date)

English // CET 03:00 - 3:30 pm


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Thursday, 4th August 2022



Multi-Platform Probe Development



PRTG wouldn’t be the same without your feedback!

Everything you see on our public roadmap is based on our user-centric approach of agile software development. That's why we have multiple channels to get in contact with YOU, our users. Here’s how we set up development insights webinars for you:


Identify topics that you are interested in

With your feedback, we schedule topics and specialists to show new aspects of PRTG that you requested

Insights right from the people behind PRTG

We connect your topics to our internal specialists who are involved in PRTG development. You will be able to meet them in person

Place your questions and feedback directly to development

Give us your feedback and questions via a direct communication channel to product development

Make a difference in PRTG Development

Get included in expert sessions, 1-on-1 interviews, or surveys to be a part of PRTG Development

Paessler PRTG Development Insights for you

With a focus on different topics, you can always choose what you are most invested in.
We are currently planning topics like:

  • General Introduction of PRTG Development and our Roadmap
  • Our newest solutions straight from sensor development 
  • Insights into our new User Interface and how it will evolve
  • Our plans for API connectivity for now and the future
  • What is new for PRTG Apps like PRTG Desktop
  • Future Framework with probes to connect different networks
  • Current development on our cloud-hosted solution PRTG Hosted Monitor
  • Adaption of new OS and Frameworks like Linux or ARM
  • Missing something? Write us a mail with your request

Here is what you get!

  • First in line: Be the first to get to know new features and benefits of PRTG and see it before everyone else
  • Direct feedback channel: Get personal contact with the people who create PRTG and give feedback to shape the development
  • Get your questions answeredA place to ask all your questions around PRTG and get them answered
  • Minimal time investment: We asked users around the world and limited every session to 20-30 minutes based on your feedback
  • Make a difference: Get included in additional expert sessions, 1-on-1 interviews, or surveys to be a part of PRTG Development

Meet our Product Owners

Our product owners for Paessler PRTG at Paessler headquarters

Souzana Georgiadou

Product Owner Sensors & Probes
Paessler PRTG


Get in contact 

Your work in one sentence:

"We take care of all sensors and probes there are and will be"

Diana Flach

Product Owner Native Apps
PRTG Desktop + Mobile Apps


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Your work in one sentence:

"We provide you a detailed overview of PRTG at your desk or on the road" 

Daniel Elsner

Product Owner Frontend
Paessler PRTG


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Your work in one sentence:

"We work on the PRTG web

Stefan Dornbracht

Product Owner Core
Paessler PRTG


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Your work in one sentence:

"We provide a solid foundation for the future of PRTG" 

David Keil

Product Owner Appserver & API
Paessler PRTG


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Your work in one sentence:

"We ensure that PRTG is connectable with a state-of-the-art API"

Matthias Drescher

Product Owner Hosted Monitor
PRTG Hosted Monitor


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Your work in one sentence:

"We run and develop our hosted edition of PRTG" 

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