PRTG Feedback Insiders

Join the group of monitoring experts
who shape the future of PRTG. 





"If you want to help, provide feedback. If you want to make a change, join our PRTG Feedback Insiders"

No joke, that's what our Product Owners always say! 


PRTG Feedback Insiders is a growing community of experts that are open to share their experience around IT monitoring and PRTG. To constantly improve our products and features, the connection to people like you is key to us. Let's find out how to make your life easier!

Join the group of experts and be the first in line to see new features and give your feedback on what you need to make it work for you! 


Evaluate what's currently in development


PRTG Feedback Insiders get information about changes in the product before anyone else and have the chance to give their input.


Get invited to insider events and meet the developers

You will be invited to our insider events like PRTG Development Webinars to get direct contact with developers behind PRTG.

Be invited to expert research sessions 

Whatever suits you: we've got everything from 4-minute surveys to a one hour one-on-one research interview. You decide how much time to give.


"If I can help shape the future of PRTG monitoring, then count me in!"

Join PRTG Feedback Insiders and get a front row seat for Paessler`s development.


We created Paessler PRTG Feedback Insiders for you

With a focus on different topics, you can always choose what you are most invested in.
We currently offer things like:

  • General Introduction of PRTG development and our roadmap
  • Our newest solutions straight from PRTG development:
    • Next steps in probe and sensor development 
    • Insights into our new user interface and how it will evolve
    • Our plans for API connectivity for now and the future
    • What is new for PRTG Extensions like PRTG Desktop
  • Personal feedback sessions with research or development specialists
  • Showcasing your monitoring expert stories in our blog
  • Connecting monitoring experts all over the world
  • Providing exclusive specialized goodies and gadgets

Here is what you get!

  • Front row seat: Be the first to get to know new features and benefits of PRTG and see it before everyone else
  • Direct feedback channel: Get personal contact with the people who create PRTG and give feedback to shape the development
  • Get your questions answeredSpecial events to ask all your questions around PRTG and get them answered
  • Minimal time investment: From 4 minute surveys to half day events, you choose how much time you want to spend
  • Make a difference: Get included in additional expert sessions, 1-on-1 interviews, or surveys to be a part of PRTG Development

You are the best! 💙

Want a sample of what being a PRTG Feedback Insider means?

Take part on our PRTG Development Webinars:
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