Scaling PRTG – Best Practice

System Admins working in large IT environments have a multitude of users and systems to manage. This is an impossible task without the right tools in place.

Monitoring helps admins gain control of their increasingly complex infrastructures, giving them the visibility they need to be able to act.


We show you how to scale your PRTG installation

Our System Engineers will show you how PRTG can be used effectively in large IT environments,
and how you can do the same – scale your PRTG installation:

  • vertically (using a single PRTG core server)
  • horizontally (using multiple PRTG core servers), and
  • add an additional layer of visibility to your IT systems with Savision iQ


Join Greg and Nina

September 19th
11am Eastern Time

Language: English (US)


Join Chiara and Richard

September 26th
3pm CET

Language: Italian


Join Anna and Julia

October 10th
11:30am Moscow, Russia

Language: Russian

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Join Martin and Gabriel

October 11th
11am CET

Language: German

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Join Wilco and Henk

October 24th
2pm CET 

Language: Dutch

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Join Martin and Paul

October 29th
10am GMT

Language: English (UK)

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