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Keeping an eye on your industrial IT environment with PRTG





What you get

Digitalization, retrofitting and Industry 4.0 are key topics when we speak about trends in industrial manufacturing. And all these trends lead to a common denominator: IT / OT Convergence.

IT and OT have become more connected to each other and to external data collectors in the cloud or in data centers. This is why there is a growing need for a unified view of these two worlds.

In this webinar, you will learn how PRTG Network Monitor can provide this unified view.

PRTG features 6 new sensor types out of the box that introduce new monitoring possibilities for industrial environments. These include MQTT, Modbus TCP and OPC UA, the interoperability standard in the industry. The result is a vendor-agnostic monitoring application that integrates the IT and OT worlds in an holistic approach.

In this webinar, we not only present our new sensors for MQTT, Modbus TCP and OPC UA, but we’ll also show you use cases demonstrating how these sensors can help you master your daily challenges in IT and OT monitoring.

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